Immigrating to a foreign country isn’t that difficult at all for many corporates and investors and many countries worldwide offer a business investors a safe haven residency or in some cases even citizenship. Most popular investor-friendly countries are Belgium, Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, where it is possible to establish business with minimum formalities. The UK more recently amended immigration rules to encourage immigrant investors.

To immigrate to a foreign country, under the business immigration, it is very important to establish “business ties” with that country. Typically forming a company, trade and offering employment to locals in a foreign country, is one such way to establish good business ties. It can also be a passive investment, such as buying a real estate property and other investments.

Setting up a company for doing business or trade, gives you an excellent opportunity to gain residency in countries like Belgium, Switzerland and after spending 5-6 years, you will be able to receive permanent residency. Some countries such as Austria, St. Kitts and Dominica offer “direct” citizenship and passport against direct investment, along with your family. Latvia offers permanent residency against the purchase of real estate.

We assist our client’s residency and citizenship programs and business investor visas in a number of countries in Canada, Australia, United States, Europe and Caribbean for corporates and investors.



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